A sample of comments I have received from clients near and far. Many thanks to all who have written such kind words! It has been a pleasure to assist you and “meet” so many of you! With many years experience in design and nationwide service I do my absolute best to assure that you will be pleased with your purchase now and for many years to come. Thank You! Risa

“Dear Risa, I’m so sorry this took so long but I wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU I love my trailer. I’ve been using it this whole season and it has been absolutely wonderful. The horses like the trailer and the LQ in it turned out to be exactly what I wanted. You were so patient and attentive through all my changes and reconfigurations and your input and advice was greatly appreciated. The end result was a trailer that I have to say has been the best thing I have bought for me and my boys!! The big test was when we went to Wyomming this summer it ended up being 1500 miles (one way, yikes!) and the trailer and horses did beautiful the camera was really the ticket for my sanity because I could see what the horses where doing if anyone was in trouble or looked like they were getting stressed. I’ve been having so much fun with the trailer that we even took it camping without the horses and stayed in a camp ground and had a ball. Hawk really makes a very high quality trailer that is very functional, safe and looks good going down the road. Have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, successful 2010. ”
– Tina

“Let me tell you, you are AWESOME! I can tell you I will be a forever customer of yours & Hawk. I can not thank you enough for taking the time and effort to help me, it is so nice to know that there are still buisness’ out there that truley care about the customer both old & new regardless if there is a profit to be made. I really can not put into words how impressed I am. I have shared this story with all of my “horsey friends” we all agreed it was impressive enough that you and Hawk even took the time to look into this for me let alone the effort. I have swayed all of my friends to the Hawk side, the saftey, horse built design, customer service, the backing of the manufature, your support and all for a used trailer??? I know of no other that would have made this effort to help me. Consider me a spokesperson/customer for LIFE! I will never pull another…. P.S. My horse LOVES his trailer & I love knowing he is safe and comfortable. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart ( K needed help with repairs & parts for a used trailer she purchased )”
– K in FL

“Risa, Everything worked out great with my trailer repairs and I can’t thank you enough! Tom was wonderful. I had cell phone issues on Sunday and didn’t get his messages. So, he arrived Monday morning and I was still at work. We talked on the phone a few times, and he was able to complete all the repairs on the trailer parked in front of my house without my even being there. Everything is back in working order and you can hardly tell there ever was a problem. He was even able to pound the wall mount for the butt bar back in place. AND, he called later that evening to make sure I was happy with his work before he left town! Now that’s service! I have been telling everyone I know how great you treated me – while buying the trailer, and now for getting it fixed. And to make things even better, you guys gave me a great price both times. Your knowledge, concern and commitment to your customers makes me wish Happy Trails sold cars, furniture, appliances, and computers. I’d make every major purchase I could with you! (That makes four exclamation marks in this letter. And I’m not a person prone to using them, but they are entirely appropriate in your case.) Please use me or this message as a reference to potential customers. I just can’t say cant’s say enough good stuff about Happy Trails! Lillian (Lillian had an accident with her trailer, I sent my driver by to repair it for her.)”
– Lillian in VA

“Dave delivered my trailer yesterday and I am very pleased. It’s a beauty! Beautiful paint job and was impressed by the nice hardware etc. The layout was a little different with the divider going across the trailer instead of lengthwise but after checking it over I believe that will be a better option. Was very nice meeting the driver Dave. He is a very nice gentleman and we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a nice visit. He is a good representative to your operation and we enjoyed meeting him. Im looking forward to using my new trailer and want to thank you for your excellent PR.”
– Frank in TX

“We took our first ride in the trailer today — to a local dressage clinic! Figaro walked right on, very quiet, and seemed quite pleased with the trailer. He never stamped or pawed the way he used to do in my old trailer. When I stopped for coffee, I opened the back door so he could look around. We are very happy! Thanks, Lisa, for telling me about Hawk trailers, and thanks, Risa, for helping me with the details and the purchase. Eileen ”
– Eileen in CO

“Dear Risa, I hope this note finds you well. I got my weight distribution bars put on along with a new hitch ( properly installed ) so I am returning your hitch with so much thanks. ”
– Nancy A.

“I want to thank both you and Glenn for exceptional customer service at such an awful time of night. A sincere thank you. My husband is quite impressed with the trailer. I even managed to back it up in to our yard without being too embarrassed. The weight distribution hitch is set for Friday, and my first outing on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes. Loving my Hawk trailer already, Cheryl ”
– Cheryl in Canada

“Risa, I wanted to write this e-mail to thank you for all of your help. To think I almost bought a trailer from another dealer that my horses would not even fit in!!! I thank god I called you! As a first time trailer buyer you were patient with my all my calls and questions and really helped me find a solution to my trailer needs problem. I finally have my custom trailer and couldn’t be happier it is everything and more that I expected and I was so pleased when Dave walked me through everything for two hours so that I was comfortable with my new trailer and how everything worked. I will refer you to all day long as you were fabulous and I just love my new Hawk trailer. ”
– Tiffany in FL

“Hi Risa, Love my trailer and you made everything so easy for me to do this. The gift was very thoughtful and thanks again for making this a very pleasant experience. Since this is my first horse trailer that was very important. Having it delivered to my door was also a big perk!! Thank you, Kim ”
– Kim in TX

“Hi Risa! I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with our new trailer! Everything is even better than I had expected. We hauled it to Tryon this past weekend and had the best time! My one horse that can be a little cautious to load and always arrives nervous and stressed actually loaded himself and was so content in the trailer that he didn’t even want to get off after an hour and a half trip. I cannot thank you enough for all of your patience and help. I recommend you and Hawk to anyone that will listen! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! Here is a picture of the trailer and our very grateful 3 year old Walking Horse!! H&G”
– H&G

“Hi Risa, I got the COO today. I love the bag. Thanks so much. I love this trailer. It is great!!!!! everything is better than I expected. And I have certainly been showing it off. Now if I can get some decent weather on a weekend so I can go camping. Thanks for everything. It all went just as you said it would. That is so rare these days. No surprises or disappointments. You are the hero of the month. D ”
– D in TX

“Hi Risa, I’ve been meaning to write you and THANK YOU for the longest time. You can figure no news is good news but it’s always nice to let a business know when a customer is happy with a product, not just complaints. Can’t believe it was over a year ago that we first got in touch. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the trailer. Haven’t had the opportunity to have it out much, life is always so busy, part of my lame excuse in not getting back to you let you know on my satisfaction. Well my “Princess” of a mare feels its an acceptable coach. (Actually saw a magnetic pink crown sign that said “Princess on Board” on a car and thought I have to find that for the trailer.) My guess is that she’ll never think trailering is the best thing in the world, maybe that’ll change someday, but she is loading nicely onto the trailer. How could she not as it’s so open and inviting. My older gelding who has some hind end issues likes it too, likes being able to walk forward to get out instead of backing out on legs that have stiffened up a little. Hoping to have a little more time this summer to take some trips. It waylayed for a few weeks as a little bird decided the little ledge under the gooseneck on the box was a perfect place for a nest! Since my nature expert boarder determined that the bird was a native species, some sort of flycatcher, and not one of the many sparrows, decided not to displace it. The 3 little babies are all gone now so it can move once again. I am also happy w/the stall sizing I chose of 3.5 for head and 6.5 for body. The 6.5 is more than enough for my guys, and my boarder’s 16.2 long bodied warmblood fits just fine. Also glad I chose the doors for the rear instead of ramp, the step down is no problem for horses and the doors give easier access to their heads in transit w/out having to open whole back up. The storage in gooseneck w/cage is great. Got myself a nice little footstool to access it which also doubles as my trailering mounting block. As to handling, the trailer pulls wonderfully, my 1500 Dodge is doing just fine w/it. Coming home from factory over the PA mountains the truck would have to work a little on the upgrades, but that’s what a truck is supposed to do. Although I was coming off driving a Brenderup which was a great bumper pull, really love the gooseneck. It’s easy to hitch up all by myself. The trailer feels more like it’s part of the vehicle. Had to get used to the longer length, since I haven’t had it out much I still am. And actually I need to get get a replacement running light for the passenger side fender. My drive has two tight S turns with little room for error and pulling it in after dark one of my first time, lightly clipped a fencepost. Oops! Actually, that’s not what I really said, I was quite mad at myself at the time. My husband was just glad it was me that did it and not him! So there’s a very small scratch and as I said the running light was knocked off. If you can let me know how much to get a replacement, I’ll get a check to you for one. So you have another very happy customer and I look forward to many years of fun trailering with it. Would you like some photos for your gallery? I promise I won’t take another year to get them to you. Don’t know how many of the rear facing you are doing, but I think its a great way to go. THANKS SO MUCH FOR A GREAT TRAILER AND ALL THE GREAT SERVICE leading up to the purchase and while we were at the factory. Best, Karen”
– KC

“Hi Risa, We took the trailer over to my boarding barn and three of us rode in the trailer to see what the horses experience. It was not noisy and seems solid. Our horses loaded with varying degrees of caution. The pony walked right on, no problem walking on with the first try. My horse, Lily was more cautious and took several trailers to get her to go past halfway, but we did succeed in getting her to walk on completely and had the butt bar closed for a minute before we backed her off. The other mare “Mirage” is a “baby” of only 5 years and is extremely difficult to load, but she eventually got on the trailer with just 10% of her sticking out so we accepted this as good for the first time. I am very happy with the trailer and everyone who comes to see it thinks it is a very attractive and well built trailer. Driving it is not difficult as I think it tracks behind the truck very well. Ken and I are even getting the hang of backing up with it. It was a pleasure to do business with you. and I really appreciate your promptness in answering any questions I have had or sending me information that I needed. Thank you so much! This whole experience has been a good one. Vicki ”
– Vicki

“Dear Risa, Thank You for your patient help in designing my horse trailer. It took a lot of back and forth and I appreciate your attentiveness and good advice. Best, TW ”
– TW

“Thank you for all your help Saturday. Yesterday I moved my mare Maddie, I had no trouble getting her in. She walked in by herself! What a relief, I had stressed myself for nothing! Everyone who has seen the trailer has said it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks again! Kelly in TN ”
– Kelly in TN

“We are home safe in FL. We love the new trailer, the mid tack and weekender is just what we needed. I can’t wait for everyone down here to see how nice it is! Dede in FL”
– dede

“Hello! I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the new trailer! We really appreciate you working with us to do exactly what we wanted without trying to convince us to do something more traditional. We have so much more room inside compared to all those people spending 45k on trailers with walking space of maybe 18 inches. We love it! Take Care MB in Penn ”
– MB

“Hi Risa, I just returned from a trip to visit MIL in S.C. w/2 dogs and both horses. A rode in the front and Wu fits best in the rear. He being the longest. They loved the windows down and when we stopped and I dropped the bars they looked like 2 happy campers. Course, people had to ask why I blindfolded my horses….cashel fly masks in case of flying bugs. Best of all neither felt crowded. They could eat from the feed bags and neither butt touched the back. Can’t think of one complaint. The hydraulic jack is a dream…..altho, I have only unhooked twice so far. Thanks, Sandy ”
– Sandy in GA

“Received the trailer yesterday, it is great. It is all I can do to contain myself and not take it for a spin before the paperwork comes. I wanted to sleep in it last night and don’t want the horses anywhere near it because it will get dirty! Thanks for everything, I really appreciate all you have done. I will refer anyone I know looking for a new trailer to you. Susan in MD ”
– Susan in MD

“Hi Risa – Just wanted to touch base and tell you that Dave and the trailer arrived in fine form last Thurs. What a gorgeous trailer! We’re very happy – the only bad thing was that Dave’s truck was a perfect match for the trailer & he wouldn’t leave it with me. My daughter said you had called on Fri. – had to go to work to pay for my toys – so wanted to let you know that everything worked out fine on this end. You’ve been a real pleasure to work with and my husband is very impressed with the Hawk. Many thanks :)) Susan G in NV”
– Susan in NV

“”There’s a great deal of aggressive marketing out there to confuse people on which trailer really is the best. I tried really hard to stand back and look at the ‘big picture’ when selecting my new trailer. After all, why should I care what kind of trailer big name trainers use – they are paid spokespeople. What I really wanted to know is what kind of trailer say a structural engineer would want for her horses! After a great deal of research, I bought a Hawk trailer. Strong galvanized steel frame, an insulating layer, then an aluminum exterior, so no rust! A wood floor with a LIFETIME guarantee (regardless of my cleaning practices) with rubber mats on top. Wood insulates, metal conducts heat/cold, therefore wood is a better flooring material. A fiberglass top with steel reinforcement beams. The fiberglass also insulates rather than conducts. The other horse friendly features are too numerous to mention here. I bought the trailer over the Internet from Therisa Couch at Happy Trails Horse Trailers. The overall price of the trailer, with all the bells and whistles, was less expensive than many other brands I researched. Do your homework and don’t be fooled by aggressive marketing! Happy Trails! Martha in TN ”
– Martha in TN

“I cannot imagine a better site unseen experience! We and especially the girls are enjoying the new trailer. It is exactly the way we wanted it! Dr M ”
– Dr M

“”I felt a need to let you know how much we like the Hawk trailer, now that we’ve had the chance to use it for a while. It is every bit as good as you said…and then some. It trailers very well, is easily loading and the horses even seem to like it. This was definitely a good decision.” Stuart in FL ”
– Stuart in FL

“”WE LOVE THIS TRAILER. The horses loaded right in and seemed to enjoy the ride. I bet the ride is much more stable. And we don’t have to worry about the weather with all the opening options. We can deal with just about anything and all that wonderful storage space also protected! You can count us as satisfied customers.” Peggy in NC ”
– Peggy in NC

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love my trailer, it still looks brand new! The other day I had a blow out on a tire going 70 mph. I had a car pull up to the side as we were driving down the hwy and started waving about a tire on the trailer… so I pull over and get out to look, nothing wrong on my side. I asked my friend if the flat was on her side, she said what flat? we don’t have a tire! I went around to her side thinking the worst, the fender banged up, the rim chipped. But you know what? NOTHING was bent, chipped or broke, only the tire was gone and that little light on the side of the fender was missing, we never felt a thing. That trailer is one of the best, safest trailers I have ever owned. That rim stayed up off the ground for us to get to a place where we could change is without any damage to anything. We were back on the road in 30 minutes. Thanks again Risa for doing all you did for my with this trailer! SC in Texas ( note to all – you can have a flat from road debris but please check your tire pressure regularly! ) ”
– SC in TX

“Hi Risa, Dave arrived last night. He was able to back into my driveway so the trailer would be in an out of the way place for the next couple of weeks until spring time. he was very nice to work with for the delivery process. The trailer is awesome… much nicer than I imagined. The quality is tops and everything that we talked about was done correctly. I am looking forward to using it in the spring. I think the design will give me a lot of options and will work out very nicely. Thank you again for your time. patience and advice. I am LOVING my new trailer… if the temperature was above freezing at night I would be sleeping in it! My wife said she cannot wait to see my face the first time the pony poops in the trailer on my brand new rubber mat. I told her that I am going to cover the trailer floor in clear plastic like her grandmother used to do with her furniture.! Brian in NJ ”
– Brian in NJ

“Hi Risa, The trailer is absolutely TERRIFIC! My grumpy, fussy, kicking mare traveled better than she ever has before. She was relaxed and eating her hay the whole time. Usually she kicks and fusses and ends up sweaty and stressed. Thanks!!! JT in VA ”
– JT in VA

“Hi Risa! LOVE our trailer! Even if we never ride on the ground, we are going to ride all over the place in our trailer.That sweet man who brought our trailer was a stitch! Loved him. He told me everything I needed to get for my car so we could have it ready. When they called me yesterday to tell me my car was ready and I could come drive the trailer to the barn, my heart rate went up to 200. I was scared to death that I couldn’t do it. It is SOOOOO much bigger than anything I have ever pulled before. But we made it fine. I am just intimidated by all the brake controls and gadgets, etc. Will probably ultimately get a bigger car or truck to pull it just to feel like my puller matches the pullee but have to recover from the purchase of the trailer. HA! THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a smooth and pleasant experience. It is truly beautiful. Even the men at the hitch shop who do this all the time said it was the nicest trailHe even offered to sing Happy Trails to me! HAAAA! And I am certainly the vintage to know the words to it. By the way, I need a Happy Trails baseball cap, don’t you think? Thanks again Risa. er they had ever seen.”
– Susan in TN

“I have been wanting to write a note for your testimonials page ever since I got home. I wish I could say I’ve been too busy hauling hauling horses around in my new trailer to sit down and write. Unfortunately, it’s just all the other things in life keeping me busy. First and foremost, I want people to know that you are, above all else, a truly good horseperson. You’re the kind of person I’d want living nest door to me. Honest, helpful, trustworthy, candid, enthusiastic and dedicated. I’m almost afraid to tell people how wonderful you were to me, for fear you’ll be saddled with the same expectations from your future clients. You certainly gave 120% in the design and delivery of my new trailer. You made the experience fun and exciting. The new trailer pulls like a dream. Going from a Hawk Built gooseneck into one almost identical, I thought there would be little appreciable difference. I was wrong. I can’t explain it, but the new one makes my truck ride better. I know Hawk tweaks their design from time to time. I don’t know what the technical aspects are, but it was worth their effort I wasn’t sure how comfortable I’d be, having had the head on collision at 45 mph just 6 months prior. I got behind the wheel and never thought twice. The floor plan we devised is proving to be quite functional. I love to take my rig places and just let folks walk around fiddling with things. I don’t have to demonstrate or explain anything. The trailer speaks for itself. God willing, we won’t need it, but we’ll be prepared for hurricane season like never before. Family up front, horses in the back. All we need is a destination. Maybe I’ll call my pal, Risa!”
– Heather in Florida

“I so appreciate all your efforts with my new Hawk. Your integrity and honesty are exemplary as well as unusual. I couldn’t be happier with my trailer and your efforts are a major factor in my satisfaction. There is always lots of interest in my trailer and I always answer every inquiry with “no better trailer and no better dealer, period!” Thanks so much.”
– Bonnie in NC