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Your new Hawk Trailer Roof

Hawk Trailers manufacturers their trailers with a one piece molded, galvanized steel reinforced fiberglass roof. All trailers from the two-horse bumper pull, to the six horse gooseneck models have the same roof construction, in one piece. We find this roof to be superior over the traditional steel roof and the aluminum roof. The 6 inch radius is painted the custom accent color of the trailer. The top of the roof remains white to reflect the suns rays and keeps the trailer more climate controlled for the horses. Hawks fiberglass roof construction is superior for a number of reasons. The one-piece molded roof made of layered fiberglass overlaps the aluminum skin of the trailer and prevents water from coming in. Both steel and aluminum roofs have seams in them that will separate over time. The steel roof will leak and rust while the aluminum roof will tend to separate at it's seams and leak. Also, fiberglass is not a heat conductor and therefore has proven to be cooler than the rest, it is also much more quiet during rain. Painted steel roofs tend to be dark inside and are very hot in the summer time. The aluminum roof will generally dissipate the heat but is still hot to the touch. And finally, galvanized steel reinforcement encased in our fiberglass roof provides exceptional support. The roof is strong enough for people to walk on top of. Don't try that with an aluminum roof.

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One piece hand made roof - begin fabrication with gel coat

Layering fiberglass - galvanized frames are encased - Hands on attention to detail!

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