What Size Straight Load Trailer?

What size straight load? Straight load horse trailer sizing

Back in the day ( the 1970’s), a horse trailer was considered “extra tall, extra wide” if it was 7′ tall and 6′ wide. Thoroughbred sized trailers were usually 7′ tall and some came only 5′ wide! Quarter horse sized trailers were typically 6’6 tall and 5′ or 6′ wide.

These days horse owners should consider horse trailer sizing that suits their needs and the needs of their horses rather than assume one size fits all.

Lets first talk about horses that are not heavy drafty types.

I have found that most horses up to 17h will be comfortable in our standard large size Hawk trailer that is 7’6 tall, 6′ width and has a 10′ stall length. This 10′ stall length is split with 7′ going to the body area and 3′ going in the head and neck area. The 7′ body area is measured from the breast bar to the rear door. This standard large sized trailer works well for horses measuring up to an 82″ blanket size.

What if my horse is 17h and measures for an 84″ or longer blanket size but is not a drafty type horse?

I start thinking about increasing the body stall area by 6″ IF the largest horse you will haul measures 84″ and up in blanket sizing. For these longer horses I suggest adding 6″ to the body area, but without the drafty heavy body type the standard 6′ width still does the job well.

What about my 17h and up Warmblood or drafty horse?

For true XXL sizing and horses 17h and up our Hawk Trailers XXL is the best choice. The height will be 7’8, the width is increased to 6’8 and the stall length is 11′. This 11′ stall length is split 7 1/2′ for the body area and 3 1/2′ for the head and neck area.

To date the largest horse I have designed a trailer for was 18 2h! This horse is enormous, he lives in WA State. For him and his owner the trailer height was increased to 8′, the width was increased to 7′ and the stall length was 12′! This is a horse that measured nose to tail at about 12′!

If you are unsure of what Hawk Trailer size to order please give me a call. You might also consider measuring your horse; start with blanket size. Then measure nose to tail and also chest to tail.
Happy Trails!