Time for Trailer Service?

Time for Service?

Spring has sprung! Most folks use this time of the year for trailer service and maintenance. Really, your maintenance should be based on months and mileage. Though we rarely keep track of mileage! Here is the suggested service from Dexter Axle.

Weekly or at every use – check your tire pressure or prior to each use. Look on your trailer tire side wall for the recommended PSI and check pressure when the tire is cold – check your break away battery charge & inspect the connection – make sure your brakes are working – make sure all lights are working properly

3 Months – when your trailer is new at 3 months – have your trailer brakes checked for adjustment – we would like all 4 brakes to be equal – double check your lug nuts – inspect your tires for signs of wear or uneven wear

6 months – or 6000 miles – check brake magnets, make sure your brake controller is working properly, have your suspension parts checked, IE inspect the axle mounts – check for wear or bending – check your wheels, looking for any cracks / dents / distortions

12 months – 12000 miles – the big service for the year
* check brake linings for wear or contamination
* check brake cylinders for for leaks or sticking
* check wiring for bare spots / fray etc
* check brake lines for wear / cracks
* check hub/drum for abnormal wear / sticking
* check wheel bearings & cups for corrosion / wear, clean and repack
* check seals, inspect for leakage, replace if removed
* check springs, inspect for wear, loss of arch
* check hangers, inspect welds

It is prudent in my experience to re check your lug nuts after you or someone else has changed a tire or removed a wheel/tire for service. On a new trailer check your lug nuts at 25/50/100 miles – this is important. If you have aluminum wheels, please check your lug nuts frequently.

If you do not know of a reputable trailer service company, ask around among your riding friends. The how to of servicing your trailer in detail is shown in your Dexter Axle manual included with your trailer paper work. For most of us though, it is best to have the service done at a trailer service or RV shop.