Exterior Trailer Care

Exterior Care

Your new trailer has a beautiful poly coated UV protected finish. Because of this there is little to do for exterior care. I recommend:

* Wash with a mild car wash detergent or Simple Green diluted as per label. I like to use a long
handled soft car wash type brush so I can reach the top. Clean one section or area at a time and
rinse well before moving on to the next section.

* When your new trailer is about 2 months old it is a good idea to give it a wax job. ( or let a neighbors kid, your kid or auto detail shop! ) wax the trailer with a good quality auto wax. Be sure to wax the top of the roof as well as the body. ( Wax at least yearly including the top! )

*All trailers of all types get black streaks, this is caused in part from the aluminum top rail strip and the rubber window seals. It is best to wipe these streaks off with a cloth as they appear, if you leave the trailer dirty with black streaks for a prolonged period of time you will have to use a product such as “Streak Master” or other black streak remover and elbow grease to remove them.

*If you want your trailer to keep it’s new appearance over the long haul I think it is best to keep it clean and give it a wax job once in a while! Streaking will lesson as the trailer ages.

*Lubricate all moving parts IE hinges and coupler latch with a light spray of WD 40. This will help keep things moving freely and provide a light protective coating.

That is it for exterior body care! ( Or keep your trailer under cover! )